U Calendar

U Calendar is an excellent calendar application with a variety of features. It’s a powerful instrument that lets you keep all your plans and events synchronized from different platforms in a reliable and handy place.

U Calendar comes with an intuitively clear and nice interface. You can comfortably change calendar views, and scale on a month, week, or day. All the important controls are highly visible, so you can easily start adding events to your calendar.

Our app provides you with a convenient way of adding new plans and events. You can either simply add a new event, or add detailed information about the event. Such detailed information can include a description, time frame, place, and much more. Decide whether the event will occur once or repeat every day, week, or year. Effortlessly set up a notification for any of your events, and never miss them. 

With U Calendar, you have the ability to share your calendar with your friends or colleagues, as well as to add other users to the event, inviting them by email. Moreover, if you need to find one of your events, you can easily do it with the help of a functional in-built search system.

Never forget about all your plans and events with our productive U Calendar.