Guidance on usage: Neo4j Server on Linux 7.9

Configuring and connecting to Neo4j Server on Linux 7.9

  1. After purchasing and starting the VM you should know its IP address. You can find it in the personal account of Azure. You need to select the virtual machine from the list. By clicking the item “Overview”, your IP is displayed in the “Public IP Address” line.
  1. To connect to Neo4j, you should open ports 7474 and 7687 TCP in the Azure network settings.
  1. Open a browser on your PC and go to the address of your VM http://VM_IP:7474 (from step 1). In the opened window choose ‘Connect URL’ – bolt://VM_IP:7687
  1. Fill in username ‘neo4j’, and password ‘neo4j’ and click ‘Connect’
  1. After connection, you must change the password
  1. Now you can configure your server, create new databases, synchronize the Neo4j browser, etc.

More detailed instructions can be found at Neo4j Documentation