Guidance on usage: Minecraft Java Game Server for Debian 11 Minimal

Connect to Minecraft Java Game Server for Debian 11 Minimal

To start the server, you just need to start the VM through Azure Portal.

For the connection to the server, you should know the IP address of the VM. You can find it in the personal account of Azure. (You need to select the virtual machine from the list. By clicking the item “Overview”, your IP is displayed in the line “Public IP Address”).

To work, you should open TCP 25565,25575 – UDP 25565 ports in Azure Firewall.

The Minecraft server is up and running, now you can join it:

  1. Run your client to play the Minecraft Java Edition.
  2. Click “Multiplayer” in the main menu.
  1. Click “Add Server”.
  1. In the window that appears, in the “Server Name” (1) field, name the server as you like. In the “Server Address” (2) field, enter the IP address of the VM and click “Done” (3).
  1. In the server list, select the previously added server and click “Join Server”.

Congratulations, now you can relax and enjoy playing Minecraft.

To manage the server settings, you need to connect to the server via SSH.

1. Let’s look at how to connect to a server via the OpenSHH client.

In the Windows 10 operating system (starting with version 1809), an OpenSSH client is available, with which you can connect to Linux servers via SSH. If the Windows 10 is suitable and the OpenSSH client is installed, you can start connecting via SSH. To do this, launch a normal Windows command prompt and enter the command “ssh“. In response, you should receive information about working with this command.

In general, the syntax of the “ssh ” command is as follows:

ssh user@server

Where “user” is the username that was specified while creating the virtual machine and “server” is the VM IP address.

In the opened console, it is necessary to enter a specified password while creating the virtual machine.

You successfully connect to the server with built-in OpenSHH.

2. Let’s look at how to connect to a server via the PuTTY application.

To do this, you need the PuTTY application to connect via ssh. You can download it at the following link – Download

Run PuTTY, enter the VM address in the “Host” field and click “Open” to connect.

In the opened console, you will need to enter the login and password specified while you created the VM.

You successfully connect to the server with PuTTY application.

Also, you can change your config server

To do this, connect to the server using one of the options described earlier. At the command line, enter:

  1. sudo su
  1. su steamuser
  1. Then go to the directory cd /home/steamuser. Now you can enter special commands to control the server. By entering e.g.: $./mcserver dt 
  1. if you want to change the settings file, enter the command in the console: sudo vim /home/steamuser/serverfiles/

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